Ashley Procter | The Opportunity Walkers

Thank you for visiting my personal fundraising page for the 2017 Jordan's Walk/ Run for Adoption benefiting MARE!

My name is Ashley Procter and I was placed in foster care at a young age. When I was in the system, I always remember wishing that I could be adopted by a forever family but unfortunately, that never happened and I remained in the system until I turned 18. I am very thankful that I have a wonderful career and everything worked out in the end. Unfortunately, this is the exception for many young adults who aged out of the system. This is why adopting from the foster care system is crucial and makes a BIG difference. 

I am walking for my siblings (birth and foster), young adults who aged out the system, and every child/youth in foster care, who's waiting for their forever family. 

I am very excited to be part of this year's event and I hope you will join me in supporting MARE's work finding adoptive homes for children in foster care. Please use these hashtags to promote the event on social media - #iwalkforadoption and #WalkRunAdopt.

Funds raised: $121 of $250

Thank you donors
Randi Kinsella : $36
Ashleigh, in Judaism, the word for "life" is made up of 2 characters that also have the numeric value of 18--gifts are given in denominations of 18, conveying a message of "good luck or "to life". Go Ashleigh!
Jamie Grant : $50