Averett Bass | VWAT

Please help me reach my goal. I am participating in the 2017 Jordan's Walk/ Run for Adoption benefiting MARE. I work with the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange to match children in care with adoptive homes as an adoption social worker for the Department of Children and Families in Massachusetts. This agency does a wonderful job and will continue to find families that are loving and committed to our children in foster care. Your support is much appreciated by myself, the adoptive parents, and more importantly the children that are awaiting a forever home.

I am grateful for your donations and for your help in spreading the word.  Use these hashtags to promote the event on social media - #iwalkforadoption and #WalkRunAdopt.

Funds raised: $630 of $1,000

Thank you donors
Sarah Bowler : $20
Maria Rivera-Cotto : $50
Elizabeth Camp3 : $20
Esther Watson Hall : $20
Jessica Bass : $20
ID Life : $60
Marilyn Flores : $20
Krystal R Mixon : $10
Heather Pietras-Gladu : $25
Awilda Vazquez : $20
Candace Stanback : $30
Caitlin Judd : $100
Natalie Bass : $20
Brian Bailey : $25
Jenna-Lee Languirand : $25
Awesome work you are doing Ave! Good luck!
Pamela Bass-Barbour : $25
Miriam Santiago : $25
Zoraida Aguayo : $15
Go Avy!! Get those kids a home!!
Savanah Brown : $50
Go Av! From the kiddos and I :)
natasha colon : $25
Samuel Morales : $10
Got chu nephew