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There are currently more than 9,600 children in the foster care system in Massachusetts. These children have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect and to prevent future harm. Some will be reunited with their birth parents; others will be adopted by family members or close friends. 850 of them have nowhere to go. These children face the prospect of growing up in foster care, eventually aging out of the system with no supports.


Adoption from foster care is an amazing way to start or grow your family.  Spread the word!

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The stress and instability of life in foster care takes a physical and psychological toll. Most children enter foster care with medical, mental health, and/or developmental needs, and some children live in as many as 12-15 homes before they turn 18. Youth who do not find permanent families and age out of the system are far more likely to experience drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, unemployment, and incarceration.

Permanency – a lifelong family connection – is vital for this population. MARE addresses this by providing children and teens with opportunities to come to the attention of potential adoptive parents in positive and creative ways; and recruiting, supporting, and advocating for families to advance them toward successful adoptions.  

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