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Every child should be so lucky as I was - raised in a stable home by two parents who loved me.   But I wasn't born into that home, I was adopted, which means that my life story was the result of planning and decision making by my birth mom, several social workers, my adoptive parents, and the family court of Rockingham County.  

Success stories like mine don't happen by accident.  I takes hard working and dedicated professionals like those at the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE), and that's why I am walking to raise money for this great organization.   Please join me and make a gift to support my walk, and I will personally match your gift dollar-for-dollar and double the power of your generosity!

I am grateful for your donations and for your help in spreading the word.  Use these hashtags to promote the event on social media - #iwalkforadoption and #WalkRunAdopt.

Funds raised: $4,635 of $5,000


Thank you donors
Dennis and Jane Lucas : $100
Peter Borans : $1,000
Adam Russo : $200
Meghan Ginsburg : $25
Go Jamie!
Alison Lounsbury : $50
Ed Holm : $50
Gary & Barbara Slutzky : $500
Your parents did such a great job raising you, I owe much to them.
Dori Wolfson : $25
I am a proud foster mother of an amazing (now) successful 23 year old college graduate! Thank you for doing this.
Janice Meinelt : $25
Jamie Grant : $2,300
Matching your generous donations!
Mike Krongel : $100
shirley webber : $25
Your wonderful parents were also lucky to have adopted such a great son.
Jeanette Barlow : $200
Faithfully Yours
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