Jamie Grant | The Opportunity Walkers

Thank you for sponsoring me and my team for the 2017 Jordan's Walk/ Run for Adoption benefiting MARE!

I myself was adopted from foster care in 1971.  My brother Dan and I were adopted into a loving family and spent our entire childhood in the same house, in the same town with two parents who loved each other and cared for us.   Stability, affection, attention, and permanency are too often taken for granted - but these core elements of parenting are what children living in foster care today need most of all.   And there is no shortage of families who are looking for wonderful children to share their life with.  MARE's role is to bring these children and families together, and make the process of adoption more accessible.

I am dedicating my walk to Faith and Jim Grant, my parents, without whom I would not have become the very fortunate son, father, brother and husband I am today.   

I also honor my birth mother, Heidi Moran, who as a teenager with only tenuous family support made a plan for me before I was even born, making my happy childhood and charmed life a possibility.   I am so happy that at the age of 34 I was able to reunify with Heidi and my younger sister Natalie, and soon after with my birth father Gary and my siblings Michelle, Meghan, Shana and Jake - and their mother Barbara.   My own children are now blessed to have these wonderful grandparents, aunts and uncles in their lives.

Creating more success stories like my own is what MARE does every year.  203 such stories were created for children in Massachusetts with MARE's help last year!

Funds raised: $3,820 of $2,500

Thank you donors
Heather R Cummings : $25
In loving memory of your mom. 
Kimberly Quinlan : $25
Deborah DePasse : $25
Marc DeMarie : $50
Thanks for the amazing work Jamie!
Marci Schnur : $100
Meghan Slutzky : $18
Elizabeth Meffen : $25
As someone who started out fostering and is now a pre-adoptive mom, I'm so grateful to be able to support this cause!
Elliot Williams : $50
Courtney Lucey : $50
The Lucey Family
Natalie Moran : $50
I love you all and am honored to have you as my brother!!
David Schnur : $150
Good luck, JG!
Mark Wilson : $100
Eleanor J Yarranton : $40
This is for Jamie Grant an adopted child with love.
Andrea Vaughn : $75
Very inspiring story. Thank you for sharing
Ian McBride : $25
Sounds like a tremendous cause!
Carlos Villatoro : $50
Michael Hecht : $100
Lawrence Heitz : $200
Betsy Goodell : $100
Elizabeth Fabel : $25
Brian McDonald : $100
Jamie, Saw that you were close to your goal. My sister was blessed with an adopted newborn boy last year. Great work and thanks for your story.
michael schrage : $300
Patrick Keating : $25
Good luck, Jamie!
David White : $100
Lauren Cramer : $25
Mark Robertson : $100
Mary McHugh : $25
David Hoffer : $50
Good luck - cheering you on from NH!
R Rand Ross : $500
Jack Crowe : $50
Jeanette Lucciola : $50
Jamison, thanks for sharing your amazing story. I recently shared my story and recognize "family" comes in many shapes and forms, JL.
Randi Kinsella : $54
In Judaism the word for "life" is made up of characters that have a numeric value of 18. As such, gifts in nominations of 18 is a gesture conveying the message...."to life" or good luck"! Go Grant family! ~Randi
Gary Slutzky : $100
I hope in a small way that the money we donate can help another child find a loving home to grow up in and become 1/2 as wonderful as my son Jamie has.
Ashley Procter : $50
Every child and teen should have a loving, forever home!! Let's make that happen! :)
Amanda Cox : $25
What an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your story.
James O'Connor : $200
Janice J Meinelt : $25
Jeffrey Gray : $100
Need to gather round the festive like in the days of old.....soon! Phi Alpha!
Jameson Grant : $500
We are so excited to help spread the word and raise money for MARE, bringing together foster children with their forever families.