Sarah Porter

Adoption is near and dear to all three of our hearts.  

"I think that kids who want families and can't have them must be very sad.  I wish every kid who wanted a family had one.  Being adopted is really special for me and I want anyone who wants to be adopted to have that chance."  Grace, 10

"I love 'doption as much as gymnastics and my sister."  Shanie, 5

The state needs solid families to foster and adopt.  Donating to MARE is an easy way of supporting those efforts.  

Thank you for supporting us and our fundraising efforts for the 2018 Jordan's Furniture Walk/ Run for Adoption benefiting MARE!  All three of us are grateful.  

Oh, and if you think you might want be someone who can foster and or adopt, let us know and we'll have you over for dinner to convince you.

Funds raised: $790 of $500


Thank you donors
Rachel Walmsley
We love you guys like crazy and are so proud of you all for putting your hearts (and feet!) behind this!
Angela Ferrari : $25
Thank you, Little Rock stars! Love you!
Megan Porter
We are so very proud of both of you! Love Grandma and Grandma
Bridget Lee
Go team Porter. We love you
Nicole Ferrari : $200
Go go go! You girls ROCK! Love you.
Amy Turk : $25
You go Porters!
Yaminette Diaz-Linhart
Ian Parsons : $75
Bridget Stevens
The Stevens’ family loves team Porter!
Sarah Porter
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