Patty Quartararo | Stepping Up for Pat K.

In Loving Remembrance:

For the past seven years, my mother Pat K, my family, my friends, and new friends in the making have walked for adoption. This walk is to help raise AWARENESS for every child that needs a home, regardless of their situation in our own state. This walk is also to help raise some money to provide these children with a new loving family. Without MARE... sibling groups, children with difficult backgrounds, and children who have gone through multiple foster homes would not be able to find a family. Now, every child has a chance to finally find a forever home!

This walk is extra special for me because my mom, a go-getter and an incredible advocate for the adoptive community, battled Ovarian Cancer for two years before the cancer took over and she past away with family surrounding her. She was a persistent, reliable, and a highly competitive woman who believed until her last breath that no children should be left without a loving family. She was so dedicated within the past two years of her body wearing down from numerous chemo treatments and the progression of the disease, she managed to still participate in the Jordan's Walk for Adoption by either walking with her fancy colorful cane or being pushed in her wheelchair with family and friends by her side. Although my mother is no longer with us on this beautiful earth, her spirit and dedication for this walk lives on in the rest of us. She is truly an inspiration for me to pass along my love and dedication to those children in greater need-- those who are still looking for a forever home.

So why am I doing this walk besides for my mom? Well my story goes along the lines of something like this: I myself, am adopted, and I am lucky to be part of the adopted community. My two siblings and I were incredibly lucky to be adopted by a loving couple who to this day have continued their love and support through everything. As a sibling group, it is extremely difficult getting adopted since the majority of couples are looking for are either a single child or two--rarely three or more--it is even more rare to adopt children that are older than infants. Also the majority of couples look outside of the country when in fact there are just as many children here in the state (yet alone the country) that need adopting. As for my siblings and I, we managed to hit 2 out of the 3 boxes on the checklist-- sibling group of 3 and older than infants.

Every year we walk. We walk to RAISE AWARENESS and the necessary FUNDS to help foster children find forever homes.

Thank you for visiting my page and supporting my effort to find homes for kids waiting to be adopted from foster care! Your donation will benefit Massachusetts children and youth looking for loving homes and families hoping to adopt.

Funds raised: $560 of $500

Thank you donors
Michael Bedard : $25
Deanna Bragger : $25
Mary K Kush : $100
Carol Chiulli : $100
Katherine Bedard : $100
Love you kiddo!
Marilyn Quartararo : $100
So proud of you!! Love you!
Robin Strizhak : $25
Amy Donovan : $15
God bless