Team Campbell
Funds raised: $5,628 of $5,000

Thank you for visiting our "Team Campbell" fundraising page for the 2018 Jordan's Furniture Walk/ Run for Adoption benefiting MARE!

We are ready to get moving and help MARE find permanent adoptive homes for so many children and teens in foster care. We are hoping you can help us - please join our team and walk/run with us, we would love to have you on our team! Or please donate to our team so we can help MARE raise money to continue the amazing work they do every day for so many children in Massachusetts.

Thank you so much for your donations and for your help in spreading the word. Use these hashtags to promote the event on social media - #iwalkforadoption and #WalkRunAdopt. Thanks again! 


Laurie Campbell and Team Campbell


Thank you donors
Michael Lillie : $25
Kristi Crennel : $200
Sorry we cannot make it this year!!!
John Barry : $100
Good Luck!
Keith Tersolo : $50
Good luck!!!!
Michael Crawford
Michelle Fay : $25
Have a great day! Go Team Campbell <3
Rick Scola : $25
Claudia Cellucci
Here's to Team Campbell! Good luck on your walk/run. Wishing you the best! Mrs. C
Tara Zaniboni
Here's to Team Campbell! Good luck on your walk/run. Wishing you the best! Tara
Michele Sullivan
Here's to Team Campbell! Good luck on your walk/run. Wishing you the best!
Heath Oikle
Steven Gallagher : $100
Glad to be part of such a great cause
Cheryll Dossas : $54
Good luck to you and your beautiful family!
The Derochea Family : $50
We love you guys ??????
Virginia Lundstedt : $40
Go Team Campbell!!!
Scott LaCreta : $50
Good Luck!!!
Dan Saucier : $50
Great Team and a Great Cause Go Team Campbell!!!
Chandler Cooper : $50
Congrats to you and yours!
Dawn-Marie Hill : $25
Such a great cause. My best to you and your family.
Derrah Gousie : $50
Way to go Team Campbell!
Andy Willett
Laurie thank you for advocating for these beautiful children.
Thomas Nowak : $50
Great job..
Brian Crocker : $50
Go Team Campbell
Steven Carew : $50
Go Team Campbell! Have a great day!
Rob Maichin : $50
All the best to Team Campbell!!!
adrian calderon : $100
Go team Campbell!
awesome good luck!!!!!!
Dennis Whalen
Good luck.
Lisa Scannell : $50
Go Team Campbell! Lisa
Daniel Hogan : $50
Good luck Laurie!
Gerry Healy : $25
Anonymous : $250
Opportunities for our greatest resources, Children who need a family.
Clarissa Fox : $50
Go team Campbell!
Samantha Stevenson
Molly Cahill : $100
Good Luck- Rick Salmonsen & Stericycle
Bob Whitley : $100
Kevin Foster : $100
Great cause. Thank you for supporting the kids.
April Downey : $100
Go Team Campbell - Enjoy your family time during the walk!
Sheryl Holt : $25
Great cause and HAVE FUN!!!!! Sheryl, Audrey, Paul, Kim, Shannon and Danielle
Karen South Paws Doggie Daycare! : $269
Karen from South Paws Doggie Daycare just donated this!! Piper & the rest of us Campbell Girls thank you!!
Richard Carey : $50
Thank you for walking for the kids!
lynda vanderhoven : $25
Such a great cause ! Thanks for supporting it for my family as well. Next year we will walk with you !
Holly Holmberg : $100
Dan Shabbick
What a GREAT event Laurie! Thank you to you and your beautiful family for your commitment and advocacy! Dan & family
Brian Sabatalo : $25
Wonderful cause and best of luck! -Brian
Anonymous : $50
Allison Barnes : $50
I love this cause!! You guys are awesome!
Donna Michitson : $100
Great cause!! Good luck on your walk! Donna & Janine
John Sheehan : $100
Great work Laurie!
Eileen Garry : $50
Great Cause Laureen!
Matt Messer : $100
Go Team Campbell!! What a great cause!
stephanie salvucci : $500
Go Team Campbell!!
Stephen Wright : $250
Good luck from your friends at NOW Delivery
Michele Dupras : $50
Wishing you all so much love and happiness! Thank you for doing this for such a great cause.
Laurie Campbell : $100
Nunzio Leo : $25
Awesome cause good luck with the walk Regards Nunzio
claire chouinard : $100
What a great thing to do. Good for you and your beautiful family.
DEBRA Dobbins : $25
Marybeth Traynor : $100
Beautiful family. Have fun on the walk!
Keith Murphy : $50
Good Luck! Go get 'em Laurie and Team...
Kari Jeffrey : $100
Good luck! What a great cause!
Sherrie Petteys : $100
Mem and Pop ! Have a great walk girls.See you there.
This is fantastic! I hope you have a beautiful day with your family!
Ed & Tina Raeke
Thanks for doing this Laurie and Jill!!! Hope you have a great run.
Marissa Brown : $100
Good luck! Xoxo Ryan, Marissa, Maya, Izzy & Lili
Laurie Campbell : $0