Team Lehman

Team Lehman would never have formed without the gift of adoption.  We are so thankful for MARE's critical work of finding families for children in foster care.  I also serve as a Board member for MARE and want to do all I can to support their work.  

Jack and Te joined Team Lehman in 2010 at ages 6 and 4 from foster care.  They gave me and Amanda our most important jobs ever as Mama and Mommy.  Josiah joined the team in 2014 through adoption as well and he fit right in!  We have been so touched personally by adoption and we know firsthand the power of family.  We want that for every child.  Sadly there are so many children still waiting.  You can help by supporting MARE and Team Lehman.

Team Lehman (Dana, Amanda Jack (14), TeJon (11), and Josiah (4) will be walking once again at the MARE Walk for Adoption and we would be honored to have your support.  All donations will go to helping children in foster care find forever families. 

Please give what you can and spread the word!


Team Lehman

Thank you for your donations and for your help in spreading the word. Use these hashtags to promote the event on social media - #iwalkforadoption and #WalkRunAdopt.

Funds raised: $2,340 of $4,000


Thank you donors
Sarah Lange : $100
Jessica Kohlmeyer : $20
julie mohler : $100
Sarah Kornell : $50
Jane McPhedran : $50
Jeffrey & Philomena Lehman : $300
Michael Goldstein : $50
Kate Sobel : $50
Orla O'Brien : $50
Matthew Knox : $50
Wendy Cadge : $50
Fitzroy Robinson : $25
Barbara & Don Cadge : $50
Kathleen Sullivan : $50
Alyssa Whitehead-Bust : $100
Joshua Phillips : $25
Karen Seif : $100
Ricky Padgett : $50
Peter Bregman : $100
William Austin : $50
Randi Schalet : $35