Tony LaCasse
Funds raised: $2,200 of $1,000

Thank you! Our team contributed more than $2,000 of the $90,000 that the MARE walk raised.

Kewaun, my 21 year old, ran the event with an 11 year old boy in foster care that I am now mentoring. It was quite powerful to watch them interact. There was instant camaraderie as Kewaun was so warm and supportive while the younger boy instantly understood that Kewaun had once walked in his shoes, and that life does get better. Again, thank you for helping to make those dreams become reality for our most vulnerable children.

Also on Sunday morning, June 3, MARE will be hosting one of its largest adoption parties ever at Fenway Park. We need volunteers to help with registration, give directions or do the odd task. If you are interested, please contact Bridget with MARE at


Thank you donors
Debra Borgwardt
Judith Couture : $25
Steve Spina
Samuel Cheng : $25
Thanks for sharing the experience and journey, Tony!
Daniel Loehr : $50
Tony LaCasse : $25
Thank you everyone. Our team raised $2000 to help incredibly deserving kids find permanent and loving homes.
Tony LaCasse : $50
Molly & Dave Lemoine
You're amazing Tony! I'm so proud of you for who you are and everything you do!
Todd Weldon : $75
Anne Brown : $250
Stephanie Chesney : $50
We are happy to support you making a difference! Best from the Chesney's!
Doug Neuman : $40
Carol Carr : $50
Robert Quist and Maureen Le Veau : $50
Robert and Maureen Quist : $50
ellen tohn : $200
Deborah Bobek
Ellen Hurley : $75
Tony, best wishes on your walk and fundraising.
Robert Silva : $50
Justin Couture : $50
Glad we could help out, almost there! Great foundation!
Jackie Russell : $100
A beautiful letter written on behalf of a beautiful organization. I'm happy to participate.
Ken & Jill Brown
Kathryn Brown : $100
Good Luck Tony!! Great cause!!
Meg Rabinowitz : $25
All our best - Meg & Dave
Ken Sawada : $50
Jane Wolfson
Good luck, Tony! You have been such a good ambassador for adoptive families. I know the boys have really changed your life - and it's mutual. You have given them tremendous lives too!
Tony LaCasse : $100
Tony LaCasse